Voltaire's "Candide"- Contents

The topic titles below are links to the notes.

1) Summary of Candide with Commentary

2) The life and character of Voltaire

3) Identifying the literary genre to which the book belongs

4) Optimistic philosophy in the 18th century

5) Direct references to Optimism in the book

6) Voltaire's hostility to philosophical optimism

7) Voltaire's evidence against philosophical Optimism

8) Is "Candide" a totally pessimistic book?

9) What is Candide's final philosophy of life?

10) Voltaire's literary style

11) Are the characters merely puppets?

12) The character of Candide

13) The character of Pangloss

14) The character of Cunegonde

15) The character of the Jesuit baron

16) The character of the Old Woman

17) The character of Cacambo

18) The character of Martin

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